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Is Cheap Email Hosting via Good for Professional Business?

seekahost email hosting

For any business to grow, you should be able to earn your customer’s trust. A professional email will help you stay connected with your customer around the clock. 

Your emails will never be ignored and you could expect a soar in profit. But from where will you get a business email and at what price?

You can get cheap email hosting via for your professional business.

In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to buy email hosting. You will also know the reasons to choose this cheap email hosting for custom domain email address.

Finally, I will show you how to create a business email using email hosting. Using your business email, you can reach out to new and recurring customers globally. 

Is cheap email hosting worth it?

seekahost cheap email hosting

  • Setting up a business email with SeekaHost email hosting takes only seconds. You will see the step-by-step procedure for the creation of a business email. 
  • What more can you expect from email hosting starting at just $1 per month. SeekaHost alternatives charge more than this with the same features.
  • You can scale your email hosting plan at any time. It is simple, as you can once you know how to do it, next time you can do it yourself. 
  • With the SeekaPanel, you can easily choose email hosting and upgrade or downgrade anytime. 
  • From the same SeekaPanel, you can get your business email created for your custom domain.
  • You can integrate SeekaHost email with other email providers like Outlook, etc.

Let us check out email hosting plans. Email Hosting Plans

seekahost email hosting plans is considered the cheapest hosting provider and you know the reason for it.

Apart from cheap WordPress hosting plans, you can get email hosting plans. The plans start from $1 per month ranging up to $20 per month.

Personal: $1/month

With this plan, you get 1 mailbox and email storage space of 5 GB. If you want only one professional email, then this plan is best for you. For more mailboxes and space, you can upgrade your plan.

Startups: The plan costs $3 per month which is fairly affordable considering the space and no. of mailboxes. You get 3 mailboxes and 15 GB of storage space.

Business Plan: If you have a team of more than 5 people and you want separate emails, then you should choose this plan. The plan offers $10 per month

Enterprise Plan: For agencies and big brands, the Enterprise plan is much suitable. At $20 per month, the plan gives you 20 mailboxes and storage space of 100 GB.

Next up in this article, I will show you how to purchase email hosting via control panel.

How to Buy Cheap Email Hosting via

To buy email hosting, you need a SeekaHost account. Once your account is created, you can buy anything from the control panel. 

So first, register your free account on with your email address. By clicking on the Get Started button, you can sign up for the SeekaHost control panel.

You can use any email address that is active, so you could verify it.

seekahost signup

Click on Sign up and then enter your name, and email address, and set a password.

seekahost account reg

Using the same email address and password, you can log into the SeekaPanel. To buy email hosting, navigate to Email Hosting on the left side panel. 

Click on it and the plans will populate in front of your computer screen. 

seekahost dashboard

Choose any plan and go ahead with the purchase. At $1 per month, you can choose the cheapest plan with one mailbox and 5 GB of storage. 

seekahost professional email

Fill up your address and confirm the plan cost. To proceed with the payment, click on Continue to Subscribe.

seekahost address

You can see different payment options like PayPal or credit card. Choose your preferred payment method, and click on Order Now. 

seekahost payment confirm

Once your payment is processed, you will receive the order confirmation on your registered email address.

seekahost payment success

Weren’t these steps so easy? 

You can now move on to create your free business email with your email hosting.

Why Do You Need a Business Email Address?

Many times, you must be receiving emails from unknown names. These emails get flooded into your email account usually registered with Gmail or other email providers.

So what do you do with such emails?

You simply ignore such emails and delete all of them right away. This is because you are sure about the authenticity of such emails. 

Do you also want to be on the bad list by sending emails without a professional email account?

If not, you should get a secure custom email address like at the one and only SeekaHost. 

A unique email address with your custom domain will gain your customer’s trust. Your emails will be opened and seen. This would trigger your sales and boost your ROI.

With the SeekaPanel, you could easily register a domain name and get a free email account. But, you could also get cheap email hosting starting at $1 per month. This would give you 5 GB of space and one mailbox.

Let’s check out the steps to create a professional email with a custom domain.

How To Create a Business Email with Email Hosting via

You have email hosting, but do you have a domain?

If not, you can register a domain with the SeekaPanel at only $5 per year. You can alternatively proceed with your existing domain. 

Since you have an email hosting plan, go to Email Hosting. Click on Create New Email button and enter your domain name.

Click on Use This Domain and the system will ask you to confirm with the email creation process.

seekahost use domain

Choose the subscription model and click on Create.

seekahost create email

In under a minute, your professional email with a custom domain gets created with one click.

seekahost professional email list

The email is activated instantly and you can proceed with mailbox creation. After email creation, the next step is mailbox creation. For that, you need to set up the MX records of your domain. 

To set up the MX records, go to Domain settings. You can see Create mailbox option.

seekahost create mailbox

Click on Create mailbox and the system will ask you for your email address. You can enter a preferred email like info, admin, etc. Set a password and click on Save changes.

seekahost mailboxusername password

Your mailbox is ready at one-click and active instantly. You can now proceed with the MX record settings.

seekahost mailbox ready

You will receive the mailbox creation message in your email.

seekahost mailbox confirmation

To log in to your webmail, enter the email address and password set by you.

seekahost webmail login

You can see what the SeekaHost webmail looks like. Before you compose your first email, you need to set up the MX records.

seekahost webmail interface

Go to Domains and settings. Under DNS management, click Enable button. 

seekahost dnsChoose the Record Type as MX, and enter the address with your custom domain name. Finally set the priority to 0. Click on Save changes and the MX record will be updated.

seekahost mx config

Here you can see that I have replaced the domain name with mine. You should replace it with yours.

seekahost hostname

seekahost mx priority

To test the webmail, you should send and receive emails. To do that, click on Compose, and enter the recipient’s email address, subject, and the text inside. 

I would advice you to use your own email address to test the services. 

Click on Send and check whether you received an email from your custom email address.

seekahost test webmail

I received an email instantly from my professional email.

seekahost test email

You can now reply to the same email and send it to your professional email address. This is how you can test the send and receive functionality of your SeekaHost webmail.

seekahost email recieve

seekahost email testing done

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I would like to conclude this article here as I have covered everything that I could. I hope this tutorial was an eye-opener on how you can build your brand using the professional email service.


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