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How Interactive Content Can Help PPC Ads Generate More Qualified Leads

When people do not know how to solve their problems, they log on to Google for help these days.

So, you can easily use this to bring a change in your digital marketing strategy. Why not solve people’s problems by providing them with useful information while increasing your sales? That is a win-win.

That is exactly why the concept of PPC has become so popular these days. With the strategy of combining pay-per-click and interactive content, you bring a dynamic change to your digital marketing agency.

Furthermore, this will help your agency to produce a huge amount of Marketing Qualified Leads (MLQs). An increase in MLQs also means an increase in conversions, and most importantly revenue.

In this article, you will read about everything PPC Ads and how creating interactive content can generate more qualified leads. So, if you want to know more about it, keep reading.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive-Content-Bring-More-Qualified-LeadsThe internet is filled with interesting things. You can find a lot of content online these days. Almost every topic has been covered multiple times. In such a situation, competition in digital marketing for business is also getting very tough. Unless you create more interesting content that the viewers can relate to, your digital marketing strategy will remain underwhelming and underperforming. Only when you interact with your potential consumers better will you have the opportunity to increase your conversion rates.

When you successfully produce interactive content, it attracts the consumer to choose different paths offered to them and participate according to their preferences, choices, and desires.

For example, interactive content could include quizzes, watching videos, answering polls and questionnaires, and many more. Through this technique, you get to know your users better and provide them with PPC ads that will help in gaining their attention.

PPC ads and interactive content is a great combination.

If your agency provides PPC services and offers PPC management, you must have complete information about how these things work. Furthermore, you must also make sure that the interactive contents are clearly visible and accessible to the users. If it is not located properly, you might miss a lot of click opportunities. Only when you manage to engage your users through your ads will you be able to make your marketing strategy a success.

Ads very often seem to irritate the audience.

When you turn your ads into interesting ones, your consumers will not only enjoy them but also, they will happily participate in them. And for that, you will have to make sure your ads address three important things – awareness, consideration, and decision.

Your ad must understand the problem of the users. After addressing their problem, tell them how your brand, service, or product can provide them with a solution. And lastly, use a remarketing strategy so that they do not forget your brand. For this, you can use various platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ways Interactive Content Can Help PPC Ads Generate More Qualified Leads

Here are a few strategies by which interactive content can help PPC ads generate more qualified leads:

Interactive content can help in entertaining, educating, and engaging audiences.

Generate-Leads-with-PPCIf you think that interactive content can only help you with PPC campaign management, then you are mistaken. Interactive ads can do much more than that. When you create interactive content, it educates people and makes them informed, but you also get to engage with them better. Only the proper combination of entertainment, education, and engagement can bring the best improvement to your digital marketing strategy.

When a user views your content, they will not skip it. Rather they will find the information attractive and get more involved in it. As a result of this, you will also be able to make the viewers interested to know more about your brand and the products or services your produce. For example, if you simply write a blog post with the aim of engaging more readers, you will not be able to become very successful. Instead, if you arrange an interesting quiz that engages the users, the viewers will get more interested.

Interactive content helps you collect better information about your audience.

Search-Tactics-Help-You-Generate-LeadsWhen you create content that is passive, you do not get to know whether it has successfully reached your target audience and garnered their interest. When you create interactive content, the PPC marketing leads generation story becomes completely different. Not only do you get to know how successful your ads are, but you also get to learn a lot of information about the users interacting with your content.

Through the interactive content, you get to know important information about your audience. For example, when they participate in a questionnaire prepared by your marketing agency, their answers help you understand their likes, dislikes, and their interests. Furthermore, you also get to understand and evaluate crucial data, like views and clicks on your ads. You also get to know the point at which they are not finding your ads interesting at all.

You can produce tailored content to suit the needs of different users.

Considerations-for-Your-PPCEvery individual is different and has different preferences. That is exactly why you must make sure the ad that the buyer gets to see is according to their taste and preferences. Only then will you be able to make them feel interested. And for that, you need to understand the potential buyer by interacting with them.

The interaction with the user or buyer’s journey consists of three phases – awareness of the problem, consideration, and, lastly, decision. During the awareness phase, you gain the buyer’s attention by addressing the problem. In this phase, you make the buyer aware of the problem, or tactfully enumerate a problem they face. In the consideration phase, you give probable solutions to the problem with the help of your products and services.

You let them know how your brand can help in solving the problem. In the last phase, it is the buyer who has to make the final decision. For that, they might consider comparing your brand to others.  Make the conversion phase as easy as possible for anyone considering buying your product, as making converting difficult is a quick way to lose potential customers.


In today’s world, if you want to develop successful digital marketing strategies and Google Ads bidding strategies, there are a lot of opportunities for you. But for the best results, your primary focus should be to combine PPC ads with interactive content. With the proper use of both these things, you will be able to get the best of both worlds.


Maggie Simmons writes insanely helpful marketing insights. She works as a Marketing Manager at Max Effect Marketing, a leading digital agency located in Denver, Colorado.

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