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How To Make Money By Reducing Your Waste?

Recycling for cash is a concept that might go you a lot further than you think. We can do this only to save money or as a bonus that complements your green living philosophy. The government and private organizations have established numerous initiatives and opportunities to encourage people to recycle for cash. However, many people will refuse to recycle unless they stand to benefit personally.

What could be more motivating than saving money by repurposing, recycling, and reusing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill? Wait and load your wastes in a container and sell the products to earn money.

How To Make Money From Waste?

1. Sell cans

Sell Cans

You might recycle your cans for money if you keep them. Recycling centres pay 45p to 50p every kg of cans (a kilo is normally 65-70 cans), so it can take a time to get the big amounts. Tin is actually the most lucrative item you can locate in your house and recycle. In the United Kingdom, you may earn a tiny sum of 50p for every kilogram of tin cans.

2. Swap old clothes

Swap Old Clothes

If you bring a bag of unwanted clothing or home textiles to H&M, you’ll receive a voucher for £5 off a £30 purchase. According to H&M, the clothing can be of any brand and in any condition. You’ll need enough clothes to fill a supermarket carrier bag. Also, there are a number of websites on the internet that are specifically designed to sell apparel so you can sell your clothes online and earn money as well because frankly, you’ve spent a handful of money on that dress or shirt, haven’t you?

3. £3 per ink cartridge

£3 Per Ink Cartridge

The cost of printer cartridges varies. According to the blogger, the most valued of all is the HP 62 Colour which starts at 19p and is worth £3. To learn out how much yours are worth, go to websites like the Recycling Factory. Every year, the website recycles approximately 8 million cartridges. It offers a Freepost service for little shipments and a free courier collection for bigger ones, so you don’t have to pay for postage.

4. Glass bottles

Glass Bottles

Various soft drink and lagger bottles are strewn about. The bottles come in a variety of forms, sizes, glass thicknesses, and colours. The cost of returning the cullet is determined by the colour of the glass. Almost all glasses may be recycled, so don’t toss them away in the trash.


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