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Some Unique Things you can shop in Hatton Garden, London

Hatton Garden Street in London is known for its variety of jewellery that you can buy from there. This one of the major reasons why this street in London witnesses an average of 1 million people every year who come for jewellery shopping. This number includes both tourists and locals.

Hatton Garden is famous for its diamonds but you can get other gemstone jewellery too. So if you happen to be in London and want to buy some jewellery for yourself, then make sure you visit the Hatton Garden Street if you want to be spoilt for choice. Here are a few unique jewellery pieces that you can shop from Hatton Garden.

Lab grown diamond earrings

Lab Grown Diamond Ear rings

The increase in environmental awareness has led to a rise in popularity of the lab grown diamond or manufactured diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are not associated with environmental damage and are conflict free unlike the diamonds that are naturally mined from the Earth’s surface.

There are plenty of outlets in Hatton Garden that have a variety of earrings that are made from lab grown diamonds. There are several earrings designs available at attractive prices that you can choose from.

Diamond Halo Rings

Diamond Halo Rings

Diamond halo rings are the ones which have a diamond halo surrounding the centre stone of the ring. This diamond halo increases the brightness of the ring and makes it more attractive. The diamond halo rings are available in plenty in Hatton Garden and are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Even though the design is quite popular, you can make this piece unique by customizing it according to your tastes. You play with the carat, colour and shape of the stone and choose a metal band of your choice.

Black diamond jewellery

Black Diamond Jewellery

Black diamonds are an extremely rare type of diamonds that are available in the market. They are a type of fancy diamonds that have dark coloured inclusions in their structure that makes them appear black. While most people don’t prefer black diamonds, they are becoming increasingly popular with time due to changing tastes.

If you are someone who like to have a unique piece of jewellery that stands out then having a jewellery piece made of black diamonds with appeal to you. You can find black diamonds in the various jewellery shops in Hatton Garden.

Sapphire and diamond jewellery

Sapphire and Diamond Jewellery

Sapphire is a brilliant blue coloured stone that looks stunning by itself but when paired with diamonds it just looks breathtakingly beautiful. The white and blue colour of a diamond sapphire engagement ring hatton garden is unmatched and both the stones complement each other very well.

If you are a jewellery enthusiast then this is a must have piece for your collection and you can find a unique ornament for yourself at Hatton Garden. There are several ways in which you can pair diamonds and sapphires and you can customize your jewellery according to your choice or buy a readymade jewellery item.


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