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4 Most Popular Mobile Games You Should Play in 2022

Virtual or mobile games are the hot market of the world.

Along with the digital and non-digital usage industry, the gaming industry also grows exponentially from developing to playing a game on your device to an international gaming event.

This is the channel of games, and with the high-end devices, the number of games is also increasing. With time we experience new games with thrilling missions and adventures. With the high-end game, the app development cost also increases.

But this isn’t a big issue as the enhancement of a game always increases the significant demand from the players’ side. In the past few years, we have also watched the most popular mobile games streamed on YouTube.

So, gamers and players always want a game with no game lag of course to entertain their audience with their exciting gameplay.

Whether you’re new to the gaming world or not, the listed mobile games will provide you with a superb gaming experience on the go.

1. PUBG: Mobile

PUBG MobilePubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is the most popular mobile game of recent times. This multiplayer battle game comes with a lot of maps and thrilling missions. Apart from gaining so much popularity from the mobile version, this game also has an emulator mood you can play on your computer. The best part of this game is that you can download it free from your play store.

Tencent Games developed PUBG and there are endless gameplay options whether you want to play solo or make a team of a maximum of 4 players with different gameplay modes. But to play this game, you always need an internet connection. But you can manually adjust the visual settings according to your mobile configurations.

The most exciting part of this game is not only the controls, graphics, and endless moods. The game’s best part is that the app developers organize new themes that enhance the gameplay and improve the user experience apart from these moods and events. The themes also launch skins or cosmetics for players, armor, vehicles, and other stuff. And app developers also make some changes to the maps by adding some additional missions and fun things.

PUBG mobile also has bots or so-called NPC (non-playing characters), which are not part of any team and you can randomly find them in different maps. The bots play the same modes that a real player plays. But it’s easy to kill NPC in-game, and NPC also comes with armor and other accessories, which you can steal after killing them.

The unique part of PUBG mobile comes with several options and controls it gives you in a mobile game. It’s endless and seamless when you go through the list in the arcade for both FPP (first-person perspective) and TPP (third-person perspective). You have a mini zone mood, war mode, arena mood, sniper mood.

After so much development and success, the creators also introduced a beta version of the map named Livik, a comparatively short map with half the number of players from other maps. The entire game will give a natural feel. Even the simple gun recoil also gives you a near to reality feel. The use of various attachments on guns like scope, large meg, and muzzle improve the firing and aiming. Each weapon has its own bullets type.

2. Subway Surfers

Subway SurfersAnother popular mobile game with very high-end graphics and a colourful theme. The game is straightforward in playing. But it gets exciting when you make ranks in the game, apart from the default player mode. You can also purchase other characters and accessories from the coins you make in the game.

The game starts with a character running in the game not to be caught by a cop. While running on railway tracks, characters can perform different actions like jumping over barriers and crawling from barriers to get virtual coins. Apart from running game comes with many fascinating rides for characters included, such as jet rockets, hoverboards, and many more, which engage players to be in the game for a long.

Subway Surfers is mainly famous in the kids and teenage category. However, because this game has some funky and cartoonish themes, players can interact with their friends by clicking the social media option in the game and sharing your scorecard on social media platforms. For user engagement, Subway Surfers offers weekly in-game giveaways and daily rewards to players.

3. Minecraft

MinecraftThis game has become the most popular mobile game because it comes with entire custom gameplay. A player can create their city from a single pond to a luxury house in its own way. Even though this game is not free to play, Minecraft has a vast number of players around the globe. This game is an inspiration for Lego, because of plays with various kinds of blocks in a three-dimensional virtual world, in which players create and break the blocks to make a Minecraft world.

There are primarily two game modes, Creative and survival. In the survival mode, a player has to find their building and food supplies. A player can also interact with blocks like mobs and other moving creatures, which are NPC, like zombies, creepers, and other dangerous creatures.

In the creative mode, the player is given supplies, but, in this mode, a player doesn’t need to eat to survive. Players can also break all kinds of blocks immediately. In this game, the character can sleep at night. The game comes with a day and night theme. And it happens with the in-game time. New players must get the randomly selected default character skins of either Steve or Alex in the game. But later on, you can create custom skins. The player can interact with chickens, pigs, cows. And a player can hunt them for food and also use them as crafting materials.

Minecraft is an open world where you as a player can feel highly excited in a brand-new survival world game. You can find all your answers here by surviving the very first night to get an early start in the morning with the building and crafting project. In Minecraft, you can play solo. Or join your friends online. The Minecraft mobile version offers the multiplayer option, but for that, you always need an internet connection. Minecraft is somehow a battle game because there are thousands of Minecraft servers globally and some of them enjoy battling.

4. Call of Duty (COD): Mobile

Call of Duty (COD) MobileThis game is childhood nostalgia. The reason behind becoming the most popular mobile game is because this game has already made players republic in the emulator and other gaming console modes. This game is also similar to PUBG because this is a battle war game with multiplayer options with endless controls and gaming modes.

In this game, players create custom gameplay hence why it has a huge fanbase worldwide. But the best part of the call of duty is their extreme level of graphics. They are tremendous. And if we consider it only a mobile game, then it gets one mark extra for its high-quality graphics. Call of duty has a huge number of downloads on both the play store and app store with over 50 million+.

Call of duty is ruling over the gaming community with smooth gameplay and fan-favourite maps from COD history. This game has Battle Royale, where you have to survive till the end to win the match. The 100 players experience is a thrilling game and multiplayer mode. The team participates in traditional 5v5 team-based battle combat. Different types of deathmatches and arena modes also come with this game.

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Hamza Iqbal
Hamza Iqbal
As a Digital Content Producer for a software development company Hamza develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.
Hamza Iqbal
Hamza Iqbal
As a Digital Content Producer for a software development company Hamza develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

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